A company with traditions

The attribute “Made in Germany” is based on Siegels long experience in manufacturing first-class knitwear. For more than 60 years the family business has taken care of the design, the cutting layout, the production as well as the general distribution in their head office in Stade near Hamburg.

In 1927 Karl Siegel, the founder of the company, is born in Zwickau. After the war, the 18-year old moves to Nortmoor in East Friesland. In 1948 he founds the company Siegel in Stade. In the post war years he starts to knit shirts made from leftover yarns for children on two small knitting machines. When the supply of yarn starts to normalize in 1951, Karl Siegel is able to buy a motorized machine and develops the first collections with the help of his 12 employees

Already in 1957 Karl Siegel produces around 40.000 pieces per year together with his 50 employees through the continuous growth of the company. In 1959 the “seahorse” is enlisted on the trademark register.

In 1976 Elke Siegel, the daughter of Karl Siegel, joins the company and becomes the textile engineer. In 1988 the son Karl-Frank Siegel resumes the company management together with his sister Elke.

In 1998 cooperation partners open the first Siegel shops.

In 2009 the brand Siegel is relaunched with a new marketing concept. Emphasis is put on the symbol of quality that guarantees the best service, quality and classy designs for both, specialist dealers and customers. The logo with the golden seahorse and the cachet “Made in Germany” have advertising appeal in the press. Sales promotions further support the specialized trade.